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The Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant Local Health Integration Network funds 45 mental health programs and addictions programs. These programs offer a wide range of support for people with mental health and addictions issues.

Services and Programs

Mental health and addition programs cover a wide-range of needs. Crisis intervention programs respond to individuals with urgent psychological and/or medical needs. Complimentary to crisis services, ACT (Assertive Community Treatment are multi-disciplinary teams accessible across the HNHB LHIN is a client-centered, recovery-oriented service intended to facilitate psycho-social rehabilitation for persons who have the most serious mental illnesses and have not benefited from traditional programs.

A number of community and hospital-based ambulatory mental health clinics provide counseling, psychotherapy and other testament services, including specialized services for court support to assist with judiciary issues and the legal process, and to link clients and families to services. Inpatient services pertain to mental health programming provided within a hospital setting.

Further along the continuum programs are offered for supportive housing, rent supplement programs, social rehabilitation and recreational programs, vocational and employment services. Services are also designed to provide case management whose main function includes individualized assessment and planning, service coordination (linking individuals with services and supports), and systems advocacy. Community Information and referral services take place over the telephone ---MH and addictions workers provide information and referral services. Other programs of a preventive and rehab nature include peer/self help support, clubhouse programs (e.g., vocational, education, recreational).

There is a range of treatment options available in Ontario for individuals seeking drug and/or alcohol treatment including, but not limited to initial assessment and treatment planning, case management, community treatment, residential treatment, day/evening treatment, and withdrawal management (detox).

Alcohol and drug initial assessment and treatment programs provide services to individuals and families at the early stage of service coordination. Assessments form the basis for initial treatment planning that culminates in the development of a clear plan of action, including referral as appropriate. Treatment options include residential, day treatment, or outpatient treatment services for individuals and families.

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