Health Professionals Advisory Committee

Health care practitioners are the backbone of health care provision and as part of its community engagement strategy and in response to the MOHLTC’s requirements, the HNHB LHIN has established the Health Professionals Advisory Committee (HPAC).

As it moves forward the HPAC will advise the LHIN on key questions raised by stakeholders related to patient-centred care, implementation of the Integrated Health Services Plan (IHSP) and other strategic initiatives. The Committee may also be asked to offer advice to the LHIN on the impacts and opportunities of various decisions or plans that may affect health care practitioners.

In December 2012, the HNHB LHIN Board of Directors approved the IHSP for 2013-16. As we look at clinical integrations, HPAC will focus on improving the coordination of Mental Health services across our LHIN.

After great interest and a number of questions regarding the recruitment, the interview process was successfully completed in February 2014. This resulted in the identification of four new members for the HPAC. The four new members represent a wide cross-section of professionals with experience in Mental Health.

For a copy of the previous Health Professionals Advisory Committee's meeting minutes and materials please click here.