Resources to Help You Integrate

  • LHIN Guide to Good Governance (LHIN-wide Guide to Good Governance):
    On September 16, 2009, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care released the LHIN Guide to Good Governance, a document developed by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care for use by all LHIN Board members and stakeholders. Click here for more details.

  • Decision Making Framework - All of the HNHB LHIN's decisions are made using the LHIN's Decision Making Framework (DMF). We have indicated the most likely place in the template that you would speak to each of the criteria from the DMF. We recommend that you provide answers that directly relate to the DMF's criteria.
  • The Integrated Health Services Plan - The IHSP describes our long range priorities (over a three year time span). This document will help you answer how your integration fits LHIN priorities.
  • The Health Equity Impact Assessment Tool - This is a decision support tool which walks users through the steps of identifying how a program, policy or similar initiative will impact population groups in different ways. HEIA surfaces unintended potential impacts. The end goal is to maximize positive impacts and reduce negative impacts that could potentially widen health disparities between population groups—in short, more equitable delivery of the program, service, policy etc. Effective use of HEIA is dependent on good evidence. A completed HEIA tool can be attached as an appendix to describe how an integration is in the public interest.
  • Community Engagement Guidelines and Templates - The guidelines and templates help providers achieve and sustain high quality community engagement. Completed CE templates can be attached as an appendix to describe how the community was, and will be engaged as part of the integration.
  • Communications Plan Template