Community Engagement Resources

At the HNHB LHIN, we are always looking for ways to support best practices in engaging the community. Below are some of the resources that help us engage. Feel free to use when you engage too!

  • The Core Principles for LHIN Community Engagement – These seven recommendations reflect the common beliefs and understandings of those working in the fields of public engagement, conflict resolution, and collaboration. In practice, people apply these and additional principles in many different ways.
  • How will we engage the community? – This series of questions or prompts helps us ensure that engaging the community is both feasible and useful. It helps us consider some of the major areas important in engaging the community.
  • Engagement Continuum – This image shows the engagement continuum
  • Engagement Strategies and Best Practices – This document provides a quick overview of the strategies and best practices inside each part of the continuum. It is an excellent quick reference guide to engagement ideas
  • IAP2’s Public Participation Toolbox – This toolbox provides a deeper look into the various strategies and best practices; providing tips and exploring what can go right and wrong for each strategy.
  • Community/Stakeholder Assessment Worksheet – This worksheet helps us explore, in a structured fashion, how will stakeholders be affected by the project/plan/decision? And therefore who needs to be included in the engagement process.
  • Generic Evaluation Form – We use this generic evaluation form as the basis for gathering participant feedback from each of our engagements.
  • Guide to Accessible Public Engagement -- This guide from the Ontario Municipal Social Services Association (OMSSA) takes you through a series of steps to create an accessible public engagement process.

Online Resources

Engaging People, Improving Care ( This website is a community engagement resource for Ontario’s health care system. It offers many tools and other resources to help you think about engaging the community.

Canadian Community for Dialogue and Deliberation (– This national organization is a hub for Canadian practitioners, offering news, events, and resources on dialogue and deliberation.

International Association of Public Participation (– This international organization also provides training and resources.