Physiotherapy, Exercise and Falls Prevention

Exercise and Falls Prevention Programs and Services

The research evidence supports a multi-factorial approach as effective in a reducing the number and frequency of falls. The HNHB LHIN has funded a number of falls prevention programs that address the many factors which contribute to falls amongst seniors, including:

  • Comprehensive community based falls assessment and referral clinics
  • Free falls prevention classes
  • Free exercise classes geared at improving functional ability

The majority of these programs are LHIN wide allowing seniors to access services close to home or in their home. Decisions related to the location of programs were based on the analysis and mapping of HNHB CCAC data about where seniors at high risk of falls live.

Looking for Publicly-Funded Exercise and Falls Prevention Classes in the HNHB LHIN?

Publicly-funded exercise and falls prevention classes for seniors in community settings across HNHB. 

Find a program near you:

In partnership with the HNHB LHIN the YMCA Hamilton Burlington Brantford are offering a free community exercise program at five local membership centres. For more information on these 12-week courses, click here.

The Hamilton and Halton Alzheimer Society and the HNHB LHIN are offering free low impact workouts for seniors titled Sit To Be Fit at 17 locations around Hamilton and Burlington. For more information on these classes and a listing of the current class schedule, click here.

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