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This page provides links to publications and funding information for Indigenous health service providers and/or their partners. We hope that access to timely information directed to First Nations/indigenous communities will improve participation in local planning initiatives. Participation leads to the development of appropriate services, increasing access to health services, and improving health status.

If you are a LHIN-funded Indigenous health service provider or provide services on reserve, please be sure to also review the information provided in the general section for health service providers.

Please click here for some highlights of the Ministry's work and accomplishments to improve Indigenous peoples' health in Ontario.

Health Services Integration Fund (HSIF)

Eligible recipients for HSIF projects include First Nations health organizations and communities which deliver health services, Tribal Councils, provincial governments and regional and local health authorities. Non-governmental organizations which are not health service providers may be partners in the projects or considered for receiving project funds in appropriate circumstances.

While all approved HSIF projects in Ontario must be led by Ontario First Nations, First Nations must approach provincial organizations such as LHINs to collaborate with them on health service integration projects. Similarly, LHINS and other provincial organizations that have HSIF project ideas are required to approach First Nations to collaborate on health service integration projects.

The fundamental intent of HSIF is to build multi-party partnerships between First Nations communities/organizations, provincial ministries/agencies and Health Canada through multi-year projects aimed at advancing the integration of health services that are better suited to the health needs of First Nations.

Full details of this funding opportunity are outlined in the following slide deck and supporting documents:

Supporting Documents

Aboriginal Health Transition Fund (AHTF) Adaption Evaluation Report

This report summarizes the accomplishments and challenges of 31 projects funded through Ontario’s AHTF Adaption Plan from 2008-2011.

Click here to view the final report.

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