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2015-16 Quality Plans

In 2014-15, HSPs were asked to submit three items to the HNHB LHIN per their accountability agreements. They include:

  • Quality Plan (does not necessarily need to be signed off by board, but highly recommended to be shared with your board)
  • Balanced Scorecard (or equivalent tool used to measure activities, outcomes, etc.)
  • Board Approved Policy on quality

This requirement will continue in 2015-16. All HSPs are asked to submit revised documents to the HNHB LHIN’s reporting mailbox at hnhb.reporting@lhins.on.ca by June 30th, 2015.  When submitting, please indicate your organization’s name in the subject line of the email.

Similar to last year, the HNHB LHIN will be using a checklist to gain further insight into where HSPs are in their “quality journey” as an organization.  Please find this checklist below.  Once these reviews have been completed, checklist results will be sent to HSPs later this year.  

Please Note:

In order to support HSPs in the development of these documents, below are sample templates which can be used as reference. It is not mandatory to conform to these samples. HSPs will have different views on how to capture, track, and improve quality in their organization. The goal of each HSP should be to ensure “quality” is top of mind in the provision of services, which starts at the board level, the patient experience is at the center of key decision making in the provision of those services, meaningful and actionable measures are developed to track progress and outcomes, and the HSP has a tracking mechanism/tool of sorts to measure progress.

In addition, it is suggested these three documents are reviewed at least annually as priorities and areas of focus change.  It may be realistic that board policies do not change from year to year, but quality improvement activities may indeed change.  As a result, the indicators that are used to measure progress may also change, thus leading to changes in the balanced scorecard.

Below are some examples of each of the deliverables the HNHB has requested.

Templates: Quality Plans

Please note that hospitals, CHCs, and LTCHs must submit their quality improvement plan through the HQO Navigator process and conform to the HQO template within the navigator.

For all other HSPs who are not required to submit through HQO, below are two templates that could be utilized in developing your quality plan.

Templates: Balanced Scorecards

Complementary Balanced Scorecard Documents

Templates: Quality Policies

Once again, please note the above documents are samples only, and therefore HSPs should reflect on their own goals when developing their policy on quality.

Health Quality Ontario (HQO) Resources

In order to aid and support your work, Health Quality Ontario has a number of valuable resources with respect to quality improvement. Below are a few links you may find useful:

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