Vascular Surgery

The HNHB LHIN, through the LHIN’s Vascular Steering Committee, is developing a Regional Vascular Services Program. The vision is to ensure equal access to a coordinated system of evidence-based vascular services across the continuum of care. The Vascular Steering Committee includes representation from all five hospitals within the LHIN providing vascular services: Brant Community Healthcare System, Hamilton Health Sciences, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, Joseph Brant Hospital, and Niagara Health System.

Vascular surgery is a specialty that focuses on the management of the arteries, venous and lymphatic diseases.

The LHIN’s 2011three-year Vascular Clinical Services Plan, outlines the infrastructure necessary for hospitals to build and grow a successful regional vascular program. The Vascular Clinical Services Plan focuses on providing comprehensive care (including patient assessment, education, imaging, intervention and follow-up) and quality care by using evidence-based best practices. The LHIN has a full integrated regional service based on the multiple site model with Niagara Health System and Hamilton Health Sciences identified as the primary sites for all major vascular surgical cases from across the LHIN. St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton and Joseph Brant Hospital serve as secondary sites, and Brant Community Healthcare System focuses on outpatient activity.

The Vascular Steering Committee is currently developing a Vascular Clinical Services Plan for 2015-18.

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