Health Partner Gateway

Integrated Care for Patients with Complex Health Conditions - Health Links Model of Care

This information is designed to assist Health Link partner organizations who are using CHRIS through Health Partner Gateway – the digital coordinated care plan solution for Coordinated Care Management. You can find additional information and resources related to coordinated care management and the coordinated care plan on the Health Links Model of Care webpage.

What is Health Partner Gateway?

Health Partner Gateway is a secure web-based application that allows for the exchange of health information between a LHIN and external partners. 

Health Partner Gateway enables Health Link partner organizations who are involved in Coordinated Care Management to securely initiate, share and/or update a patient’s coordinated care plan electronically in real time. Initiating a coordinated care plan in Health Partner Gateway will mean better communication and collaborative care planning between all Health Link partner organizations through the management of a shared communication tool.

How do I gain access to Health Partner Gateway for coordinated care planning?

Health Partner Gateway features three components including Privacy and Security, Health Partner Gateway User Management and Education & Training. Steps include:

  1. Complete all privacy and security requirements.

  2. Complete the Health Partner Gateway User Management learning module

  3. Complete Coordinated Care Management – Health Links Model of Care education (learning modules part 1 & 2)

  4. Complete the Coordinated Care Plan in Health Partner Gateway learning module

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