Health Services: Haldimand Norfolk Sub-Region

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Public Health

Primary Care

  • Primary care physicians (52)
  • Family Health Teams (2)
  • Family Health Groups (1)
  • Family Health Organizations/Networks (5)
  • Community Health Centres (0)
  • Aboriginal Health Access Centres (0)

Home and Community Care

This information reflects only HNHB LHIN-funded service providers therefore additional services and providers may exist within the sub-region.

  • Home and community care service providers (22)
      • Palliative Care (0)


Long-Term Care Homes

Information about the number and types of beds, wait lists and wait times is available at


  • Hospices (0)

Sources and Definitions

For details including sources and definitions related to primary care physicians and home and community care providers, please refer to the Glossary.