Population-Based Integration

Population-based strategies refer to initiatives (service delivery models or programs) that support the health care needs and/or optimize the health status (wellness) of specific populations by coordinating and integrating service delivery.

The HNHB LHIN considers the following principles during the planning process:

  • Equitable access to care
  • Provide effective and seamless care transitions
  • Standardized models of care that are based on evidence, best practice or expert recommendations that will decrease variability, improve patient outcomes and create system efficiencies
  • Opportunities to provide care in the community setting are optimized (right care in the right place)
  • Complement or coordinate with other initiatives
  • Demonstrate common outcomes
  • Provide a resource for primary care, hospitals and other health service providers 

French Language Health Services

Access local French Language health services and resources near you.

Complex and Chronic Conditions

HNHB works to develop programs to help people manage their chronic conditions at home.

Hospital and Emergency Services

We work on a number of strategies to improve service quality for hospital emergency services.

Palliative Care

HNHB works with multiple stakeholders to improve access to hospice palliative care services.

Indigenous Health and Wellness

Find out how the LHIN works with Indigenous communities for improved health and wellness.

Mental Health and Addictions

The LHIN works to ensure every door is the right door for individuals with mental health and addictions issues.

Older Adults, Their Families and Caregivers

The LHIN works to support seniors to stay healthy, remain safely in their homes, and support families and caregivers.

Aging at Home

Programs funded through the Aging at Home Strate...