Eye Screening for People with Diabetes

Individuals with diabetes are at risk of eye damage from diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma, two conditions which can lead to permanent vision loss or blindness; significantly impacting their quality of life. Regular screening from an eye care specialist helps to ensure these conditions are found and managed early to prevent progression. Individuals with diabetes should get their eyes checked at least once per year as recommended by Diabetes Canada, as vision loss can be gradual or sudden, but is treatable if caught early.

Thanks to a program coordinated by St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, HNHB LHIN residents diagnosed with diabetes can access free eye screening at locations across the LHIN. This program is aimed at individuals with diabetes who are not regularly receiving annual eye exams. Retinal and glaucoma screening is provided along with education about eye health.

To learn about screening times and locations, or to check availability in your community, please contact the Hamilton Regional Eye Institute at St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton at 905-573-4848.