Hospital Emergency Services

There are many ways to access health care services. Most of the time, these services are obtained through a family physician, nurse practitioner or community health center. There are times when individuals need immediate access to health care services for a serious illness or injury at either an Urgent Care Centre or Emergency Department. Hospital Emergency Services refer to short-term (acute) care, provided at either an Urgent Care Centre (UCC) or Emergency Department (ED).

UCCs provide diagnosis and treatment for most injuries and illnesses through doctors trained in emergency medicine and other health care professionals like nurses. UCCs provide care for minor or uncomplicated conditions in less urgent situations.

Hospital EDs treat patients with serious illnesses or injuries, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A specially trained doctor or nurse assesses an individual’s condition and decides on a course of treatment. Whether patients arrive on foot, by car, or by ambulance, the sickest will be seen and treated first.

The pamphlet, Understanding Your Health Care Options, can help individuals learn about many of the health care options available.    

The LHIN works with health service providers with expertise in emergency care on a number of strategies to improve service quality for hospital emergency services.

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