Support for Families and Caregivers

Behavioural Supports Ontario

The HNHB LHIN aims to improve the quality of care and quality of life for individuals who are at risk of, or experiencing responsive behaviours and their caregivers, through access to Behavioural Supports Ontario services.

What are Responsive Behaviours?

Responsive behaviours may include wandering, aggression, resistance, or many other types of behaviours. The responsive behaviour is in response to a real or perceived stimulus, and may result in risk for the individual or others, or provide challenges for caregivers. The behaviour may be occurring as a result of an unmet need or desire that can no longer be communicated by the individual – such as pain, confusion with the environment or other social triggers. 

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Adult Day Programs

Adult Day Programs (ADPs) are integrated services offering part-of-the-day or all-day supervised programming in a group setting.  They provide a “day out” for seniors and adults who require additional support to participate in social, physical and therapeutic recreational activities.  ADPs have a client fee and subsidies are available for individuals who are unable to pay the client fee. The ADP service assists the participants to maintain their maximum level of functioning, to prevent early admission to long-term care and provides respite for caregivers. ADPs are intended for individuals who are frail and elderly, individuals with Alzheimer Disease and other progressive cognitive disorders or dementias, and individuals with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI). 

Components of the service include:

  • Social and therapeutic recreational activities,
  • Nutritious meals
  • Assistance with activities of daily living
  • Medication reminders
  • Daily exercise programs
  • Respite/support for caregivers

These programs are part of a comprehensive collection of services available to seniors and their caregivers that allow caregivers to have a rest and the individual to socialize and receive the services they need on a regular basis.  Each program’s focus varies, with some programs specializing in serving populations with specific health needs, such as persons with dementia or difficulties with communication (aphasia). 

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  • For information on eligibility, criteria and specific adult day programs visit
  • For information on specific adult day programs click here.

Respite Services

ADP provides a form of respite for caregivers during the day. There are three additional types of respite services offered in the HNHB LHIN: In-Home, Overnight and Short Stay Long-Term Care Respite. 

Respite is the provision of short or long-term caregiver relief. The service may include homemaking, some personal care, light housekeeping, attendant care, monitoring, supervision, and/or activation.

In-Home respite services include supervision within the individuals’ home environment for those who cannot be left alone due to safety concerns.  In-Home respite programs within the HNHB LHIN are intended to meet the needs of seniors who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease or related dementia whose regular caregiver needs a brief period of relief or rest. Overnight respite is available for individuals who require supervision or care for 24 hours or greater.

Short stay long-term care respite provides supervision and care for a longer period of time greater than overnight respite.  Short stay long term care is available for individuals and caregivers who require respite within a long-term care home. 

Individuals can access a combination of adult day programs as well as in home, overnight and short stay long-term care respite. 

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