The HNHB LHIN is committed to advancing the quality of care for all patients across the health care system.

The Strategic Health System Plan (SHSP) sets out the LHIN’s overall strategic aim: to dramatically improve the patient experience through quality, integration and value.

To support the strategic aim three strategic directions were identified. These are to dramatically improve the patient experience by:

  • embedding a culture of quality throughout the system;
  • integrating service delivery; and,
  • evolving the role of the LHIN to become health system commissioners.

Two key strategies will advance the first strategic direction for quality:

  • Leveraging Service Accountability Agreements (SAA) for quality improvement
  • Stakeholder engagement through the leadership of the LHIN’s Quality Guidance Council (QGC)

Establishing a process for driving quality improvement at the system level is necessary to embed a culture of quality. This process must include all sectors and health service providers (HSPs) that have a Service Accountability Agreement with the LHIN. With the introduction of the Excellent Care for All Act, 2010 (ECFAA), Quality Improvement Plans (QIPs), and Quality Plans, health service providers have been able to showcase their successes, and measure progress in reaching their goals.

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