Quality Guidance Council

The Strategic Health System Plan (SHSP) called for the establishment of a Quality Guidance Council (QGC) to guide quality improvement implementation across the health care system within the LHIN.


The QGC is comprised of health service providers (HSPs) from all sectors of the health care system, as well as quality experts. 

  • Donna Cripps, CEO, Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant LHIN
  • Emily Christoffersen, VP Commissioning, Performance and Accountability, HNHB LHIN
  • Ingrid Bagnariol Director, Quality and Performance Management, Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant CCAC
  • Shirley Thomas-Weir, CEO, Thomas Health Care
  • Steve Sherrer, CEO, Able living
  • David Montgomery, CEO, HaldimandWar Memorial Hospital
  • Winnie Doyle, VP, Clinical Services & Chief Nursing Executive, St Joseph’s Healthcare, Hamilton
  • Linda Boich, VP, Patient Services & Strategy, Niagara Health System
  • Beth Beader, Executive Director, North Hamilton Community Health Centre
  • Michael Benin, Executive Director, Canadian Mental Health Association Haldimand-Norfolk
  • Jan Narduzzi, Executive Director, Hamilton Brain Injury Services
  • Henriette Koning, Director, Seniors Community Programs, Regional Municipality of Niagara
  • Brother Richard MacPhee, Executive Director, The Good Shepherd Centre of Hamilton

The role of the QCG is to:

  • facilitate the development of a LHIN-wide Quality Plan;
  • guide quality improvement implementation by providing expert advice and system leadership, and leverage and promote HSPs’ work on their SAA obligations; and,
  • work to align HSPs to improve the quality of care across sectors and the health care system.

The QCG developed a three-year strategy centred on a LHIN-wide Quality Plan:

  • Year 1 (2014-15): The QCG will establish a Quality Plan after selecting a common indicator in alignment with provincial strategies. At the January 30, 2014 meeting, the QGC agreed to focus on patient experience. Members of the council will work with their specific sector to develop change management strategies to implement this plan.
  • Year 2 (2015-16): The QGC will ensure that the common indicator is improving or has met the target.
  • Year 3 (2016-17): Members will continue to work with their specific sectors to hold the gains from the quality initiatives from 2015-16.

At its January 30, 2014 meeting, the Quality Guidance Council agreed to focus on patient experience. Gathering feedback from LHIN-funded HSPs is critical to informing the Quality Plan.  A current state analysis will be conducted through a Patient Experience Survey in summer 2014. Further details will be provided once the information has been collected and analyzed.

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