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IHSP 2013-2016

This was the third Integrated Health Service Plan (IHSP) for the HNHB LHIN, which presents directions and priorities from 2013-2016.

In preparation for the IHSP, the HNHB LHIN undertook a strategic planning process to identify those key directions which, taken together, will transform the local health system. This process, known as ‘ACTION: A Call To IntegratiOn Now’ led to the development of the Strategic Health System Plan 2012-2017.

The overall aim of the HNHB LHIN, over the course of that three year period, was to dramatically improve the patient experience through quality, integration and value.

Our three key strategic directions, flowing from this aim, are:

  • Dramatically improving patient experience by embedding a culture of quality throughout the system.
  • Dramatically improving the patient experience by integrating service deliver.
  • Dramatically improving the patient experience by evolving the role of the LHIN by becoming health system commissioners.

IHSP 2010-2013

The IHSP 2010-2013, is the HNHB LHIN’s second IHSP. The Clinical Services Plan (CSP) was a significant building block for the IHSP. The CSP's key directions for health system improvement - interprofessional care, clinical program integration and community-based health service capacity, are incorporated into the IHSP. For more information on the CSP and to read the final report, please click here


IHSP 2006

The inaugural IHSP was released in 2006 and guided early priorities for health improvement and funding decisions over three years.