ACTION: Reference and Education Materials


To support the vision, "a health care system that helps keep people healthy, gets them good care when they are sick, and will be there for our children and grandchildren," the HNHB LHIN engaged PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to support the development of a five-year Health System Strategic Plan. The objective of this plan is to build an evidence-based, integrated and person-centred health care system.

The Health System Strategic Plan needs to be based on a robust understanding of the current state, which includes an understanding of the population living within the boundaries of the HNHB LHIN, their health, and their use of health resources. The plan is informed by input from providers, citizens and stakeholders, and an examination of other high performing health care systems, to leverage successful strategies and initiatives employed by other jurisdictions.

The Current State Synopsis is comprised of the following sections:

Environmental Scan:

Provides a detailed overview of the demographics, health status, health expenditures, health system utilization, and system performance in HNHB LHIN. This section also highlights the planning considerations related to each of these dimensions.

  • A Survery of over 200 HNHB funded and non-LHIN funded providers was conducted to gain providers' perspectives on priorities, values, trade-offs and strategies that should shape the future state design.

  • Five high performing health care systems were reviewed across the following five dimensions: structure, access, priority populations, quality and value for money. Designed to address similar challenges as HNHB, the solutions proven in other jurisdictions could be built upon in HNHB LHIN to support an evidence-based system.

Together these three components provide an account of the current state within the LHIN, with an overlay of what providers have told us should be areas of focus when considering future state design and informed by the best practices in the health system literature. The Current State Report will be a component of the Health System Strategic Plan report.

Steering Committee

This process is being led by a Steering Committee (below) comprised of health system representatives and partners and HNHB LHIN staff. The Steering Committee will provide oversight in the development of ACTION and advise the HNHB LHIN leadership team throughout the development process.

Steering Committee Membership

MaryLee Bull HNHB LHIN Staff
Mary Burnett Donna Cripps
Steve Hudson Dr. Jennifer Everson
Kelly Isfan Steven Isaak
Dr. Valerie Jaegar Trish Nelson
Murray Martin Rosalind Tarrant
Melody Miles
Bill Millar
Bruce Pearson
Dr. Karl Stobbe
Dominic Ventresca

Provider Working Group

The HNHB LHIN has established a Provider Worker Group (PWG) which will provide deliverable-specific input and engage and inform other providers in support of the project goals. The PWG is comprised of representatives and partners from LHIN-funded health service providers and networks.

Provider Working Group Membership

Steve Isaak, Chair (HNHB LHIN Staff) Jane Loncke
Elizabeth Beader Mary MacLeod
Mike Benin Ruby Miller
Donna Boyce Jan Narduzzi
Emily Christoffersen Irene Pasel
Coleen Flynn Lawna Paulos
Margaret Jarrell Ida Porteous
David Jewel Marg Patillo
Sherry Kerr Lina Rinaldi
George Kurzawa Carole Rudel
Carole Lamoureux Shirley Thomas-Weir
Katherine Leatherland