One of the HNHB LHIN’s key strategic directions is ‘to dramatically improve the patient experience by evolving the role of the LHIN to become a health system commissioner.’ To evolve its role within the current legislative mandate, as a health system commissioner, the LHIN will focus on quality, volume, price and accountability.

Commissioning is the process of ensuring that the health care services provided effectively meet the needs of the population. It is a complex process including the following responsibilities: 

  • Assessing population needs 
  • Prioritizing health outcomes 
  • Procuring products and services 
  • Encouraging innovation 
  • Holding health service providers accountable

Commissioning will ensure that value is a component in all health care funding decisions, an important factor in ensuring the sustainability of the health care system for future generations.


  • Link funding to performance and outcomes 
  • Align with and leverage Health System Funding Reform (HSFR) 
  • Outline clear accountabilities and monitoring mechanisms

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