Back Office Integration

One of the HNHB LHIN’s key strategic directions is ‘to dramatically improve the patient experience by integrating service delivery.’ Integrating support services, commonly referred to as ‘back office’ integration, is one aspect of this. Support services include finance/payroll, human resources, decision support, information management/technology, procurement and telemedicine.

Back office integration is a cost-effective solution that allows for improved consistency in decision-making and supports the successful adoption of a system-wide culture of quality. Coordinating and streamlining services across multiple organizations means that resources are available to support other aspects of an organization’s work, such as patient care,thereby providing patients with better value for money.

Back office integration can help sustain the health care system by making the best and most efficient use of available and limited resources to deliver health care.

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  •  Visit the Integration page to learn more about integration and the LHIN’s role, and for a list of completed integrations in the LHIN.