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In the March edition of LHINsight I shared information about a change to LHIN Home and Community Care services that will have our Care Coordinators working in primary care settings.  This collaborative approach is being rolled out with our Community Health Centre and Family Health Team partners and will provide many patients with access to care coordination right at the office of their physician.


This month, I’d like to touch on another key development focused on improving the patient experience and creating positive health outcomes through nursing care offered at our 11 LHIN Nursing Care Centres (NCCs).


For people living with serious illness, mobility issues or other complex health issues, HNHB LHIN can help provide patients with access to care and support services in their homes.


HNHB LHIN also helps many patients transition out of hospital by providing access to care at one of our NCCs.  We work together with our service providers, patients, their families and caregivers to create a plan based on the health care needs of the person. 


We know NCCs provide a number of benefits to the patient including flexible hours.  NCCs are open 7 days a week, offering daytime and evening appointments so patients can schedule their appointments close to home or work and around their daily activities.  When patients receive care at NCCs, all nursing care supplies are available at the site so patients don’t have to worry about ordering, storage or pickup and/or delivery times.  Care offered at NCCs is covered by OHIP and all patient visits are made by appointment, which means people usually receive treatment at the scheduled time without waiting.


Other benefits to patients include:


  • Improved patient outcomes – Patients with few limitations tend to feel better much more quickly when they can access the support they need in the community.  Getting patients out in the community supports their independence, keeps them socially active and can also improve mobility.

  • Satisfaction – LHIN NCC patients report high satisfaction rates with the care they receive.  96.3% of patients surveyed said they would recommend the NCCs to their family or friends.


nursing imageTogether with our health system partners, patients, and primary care physicians, we began a comprehensive review of our nursing care services to make improvements. We want to leverage the success of our NCCs by increasing the number of people who receive nursing care in this community setting.  The ultimate goal of our review of LHIN nursing care is to make sure the right people are able to receive care at NCCs.  We continue to look at more ways to provide safe care in the most efficient way possible.


HNHB LHIN is committed to delivering nursing care at the right time and in the right place.  This includes providing high quality nursing care that is consistent and equitable for all of our patients.  The review of our nursing care services and the implementation of the new guidelines is helping us to provide better overall care for our patients, ensuring the best possible use of taxpayer dollars.  


As HNHB LHIN continues to do everything possible to dramatically improve the patient experience through quality, integration and value, the completed work of the nursing care services review to date is a prime example of how we collaborate with patients and partners to support patient-centred care.  I look forward to sharing with you the learnings that result from the final phase of the LHIN nursing care review.


If you or your organization would like to be featured in a future blog or share a patient story in one of our Voices in the Community videos you can reach us through our office, or if you’re on social media via our Twitter handle -@HNHB_LHINgage or on Facebook. Your feedback and questions are always welcome.