April 2017

Spring is a time of growth and renewal, so it seems fitting that early into the start of the season we would receive official notice identifying the effective date of a significant transformation that will bring our local health system one step closer to becoming truly integrated.

Anyone who regularly follows my blog will know that since the introduction of the Patients First Act, 2016 we have been working diligently to ensure that the LHIN is prepared to take on an expanded role. Since the legislation’s passage late last year, we have been awaiting the Minister’s Transfer Order identifying the date of transition when the assets, rights and responsibilities of the HNHB Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) will be transferred to the LHIN.

I am pleased to share that the Transfer Order was issued April 5 indicating that transition day for the HNHB LHIN will take place May 10, 2017. Throughout our transition planning work we have been focused on promoting continuity of care, and on ensuring that the transition is as smooth as possible. We are working to ensure that we are able to continue with our important work supporting Ontarians in our home and community care sector as well as our health service providers, with minimal disruption.

Now that the transfer orders have been issued, the transition days for all LHINs across the province have been set. You may have noted that transitions are happening at different times in different LHINs. This sequencing of transitions is intentional and is being done to ensure that all CCACs and LHINs are supported and successful in this transition process. Preserving continuity of patient care and experience is the top priority.

Throughout the transition patients and home care clients will have the same access to the same health care services, as always. Between the time of the transfer order and the transition day, we will continue with preparations for transition and it will be business as usual at both the CCAC and the LHIN. For the time being, relationships with the CCAC contacts will remain the same, current email addresses remain active, and most importantly stakeholders will continue to be engaged.

Under the Patients First Act, the LHINs have additional responsibilities for providing home care, as well as stronger ties to primary care and public health. We will also be increasing our focus on health equity and engagement with patients and families, Indigenous and French-language health care partners.

To successfully operationalize this vision we require strong, integrated leadership to ensure continuity of care across the system, for example from hospital to home care and from home care to long-term care. Through integration, we aim for better transitions between health care settings and better outcomes for patients. The design of the LHIN organizational structures has been standardized in key areas to strengthen consistency in system planning and service delivery across the province. The design combines the two previously separate management structures of the LHINs and CCACs to create a streamlined combined structure to support our transformational goals and improve the health care experience for Ontarians.

As part of the transition planning process, the leadership structure of the new state LHIN has now been established. The updated organizational chart below, which I am very pleased to share at this time, includes all Executive and Director level positions. We have strong and focused leaders within our HNHB LHIN and CCAC organizations and we are pleased that many of these leaders will be part of the new LHIN.

HNHB LHIN Organizational Chart, CEO, Vice-Presidents, Directors

The recent decision by Steve Isaak - currently the HNHB LHIN Director, Health System Transformation - to retire as of April 28 necessitated recruitment for the Vice-President, Health System Strategy and Integration role. While the HNHB LHIN has been successful due to the focus, dedication and knowledge of our entire team, without a doubt the leadership Steve has shown locally and provincially has proven invaluable to our organization. We are fortunate that Steve’s thoughtful planning and health system insights will guide us in future years.

I am pleased to welcome Martina Rozsa as our Vice-President, Health System Strategy and Integration effective May 1, 2017. Martina joins our team following 10 years at the Waterloo-Wellington CCAC where she most recently held the position of Senior Director of Operations. I would also like to confirm that Derek Bodden, Rosalind Tarrant and Linda Hunter currently Directors with the HNHB LHIN will continue with their current roles and responsibilities – we are fortunate to have their knowledge, and expertise and I’m pleased to continue to have them in a leadership capacity.

I am excited to be moving forward with such a talented group of individuals who bring with them the strengths of both organizations - I’m confident the HNHB LHIN is positioned well for the future.

You will note there are two vacant slots currently listed on the new organizational chart:
  • The Director, Patient Care position has been posted and will be filled shortly.
  • The Director, Sub-region Planning and Integration positions (one for each of the six sub-regions) are roles to support the evolving sub-region work and we are in the process of identifying potential candidates.
With the Executive Team affirmed, we are now working to populate the new structure at the Manager and front line levels. A number of goals continue to frame the development of the organizational structure including:
  • Integrating the existing management organizational structures already in place to ensure the ongoing provision of Home and Community Care without any disruption to patients and their caregivers.
  • Ensuring clarity of functions for each position in the organizational structure; and, 
  • Reducing management costs so that administrative savings can be reinvested in providing more care. In the case of the HNHB LHIN, our savings target is just shy of $1 Million. 
While this has been a period of uncertainty for our staff, board and certainly our colleagues at the CCAC, we have remained focused on what matters most – ensuring continuity of high-quality, patient-centred care.

The future is bright for the HNHB LHIN and the communities we serve. I look forward to having you along as we all work to transform our health care system.

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