February 2015

Greetings to everyone and I hope you and yours are continuing to stay warm during what has become a cold Canadian winter.

Earlier this month, Minister of Health Dr. Eric Hoskins announced the next phase of Ontario's plan for changing and improving Ontario's health system. Patients First: Action Plan for Health Care exemplifies the commitment to put people and patients at the centre of the system by focusing on putting patients' needs first. In the HNHB LHIN, the programs established in partnership with our health service providers and colleagues from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care are all about creating the best possible health outcomes for patients, clients and families.

At a personal level, tackling a new challenge when it comes to improving your health can be difficult, particularly when you are looking at large lifestyles changes. With our partners and providers, we work to provide resources that can make those transitions as smooth as possible, ensuring people have the knowledge they need to make long-term changes to dramatically improve their everyday life.

A tremendous example of this is the Diabetes Education Programs (DEP) that are in place across our LHIN. Learning to live with a life-altering condition like diabetes can be overwhelming for some and offers its own set of unique challenges. DEPs empower participants to better handle these changes and get the most out of their livesby providing the knowledge and training necessary to self-manage their condition and live their life to the fullest. This includes learning how to adjust their nutrition, engage in proper exercises, and maintain healthy stress and blood pressure levels. 

Our first Voices in the Community video features Diana and explains more about DEPs. Find out how Diana’s daily life has been impacted by a Diabetes Education Program.

You can also learn more by browsing through the other resources on our website that have been collected by our Diabetes teams, the ministry and the Canadian Diabetes Association.

I’ve now highlighted two terrific programs making a difference for people in our LHIN - last month I talked about the Caring for My COPD program. If you or your organization would like to be featured in a future blog or share a patient story in one of our Voices in the Community videos you can reach us through our office, or if you’re on social media via our Twitter handle - @HNHB_LHINgage. Your feedback and questions are always welcome!