January 2015

Good day and all the best to you and your family as we begin 2015! I hope everyone was able to enjoy some wonderful holiday time with families and friends, celebrating your successes and treasured moments of the past 12 months. Here at the LHIN we certainly took some time to reflect on all that has been accomplished, while anticipating exciting things to come as we continue to develop a quality health system providing the best care at the right time and in the right place.

I have spoken in the past about how we are creating a health system that will provide the highest quality of care, and remain sustainable for future generations. Much of this discussion has focused on best practices and ensuring that every person receives the best possible care.  In addition we have done many high-level assessments trying to determine what direction our system should take. In 2015 I want to share more about the specific programs we and our partners are working to bring to the community. These stories will go hand-in-hand with the Voices in the Community videos that we will share at HNHB LHIN Board meetings. One such program that began last year and has seen a tremendous response from providers and patients is the Caring for My COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) program.

Caring for my COPD is a community-based program designed to help people with COPD to remain healthy at home and in the community. Over 10 weeks, referred individuals receive case management from a Certified Respiratory Educator as well as education and training on self-management from an interdisciplinary team of health professionals. This program provides a bundle of services that can greatly improve the mobility and general health of a person living with COPD. Through planning and consultations with respirologists and primary care providers, the program also improves their and their family’s understanding of how to care for their COPD.

Caring for my COPD is a collaboration of health service providers across the HNHB LHIN including Centre de Santé Communautaire, North Hamilton Community Health Centre, Grand River Community Health Centre, YMCA of Niagara – MacBain and Niagara Falls Community Health Centre.  The Caring for my COPD website offers a more detailed look at this program and includes referral and location information that is important for people living with COPD and their family members.

In 2015, I will spotlight a different program each month that continues to provide great value and high quality care for the people living in the HNHB LHIN so if there’s one program or service that you’d like me to feature I’d love to hear from you. And if you or your organization would like to be featured in one of our Voices in the Community videos you can reach us through our office, or if you’re on social media via our Twitter handle - @HNHB_LHINgage. Your feedback and questions are always welcome!  I hope that you enjoy reading more about Caring for my COPD.